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These Terms and Conditions, along with the Confirmation Letter, form the Agreement as if they were part of one and the same document. Unless otherwise specified, the laws of the State of Colorado shall govern this Agreement.

Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions, along with the Confirmation Letter, form the Agreement as if they were part of one and the same document. Unless otherwise specified, the laws of the State of Colorado shall govern this Agreement.
The Confirmation Letter may modify the applicability of these Terms & Conditions. To the extent of any conflict, the Confirmation Letter shall control. Payment by Check/Cashier Check/ may require 30 days to Clear.
The Client is responsible for paying all fees and expenses of (beyondoffice®) subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents, employees, or licensors related to the engagement in accordance with the Fee Schedule. This shall include activities in response to discovery efforts by other parties.
Deposition charges, fees, and expenses to be paid by opposing counsel shall be paid in advance.
Retainer, deposit, or overpayment will be credited against future projects or the final invoice. 6. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the “Client” is the person to whom the letter is addressed, along with their employer if it is included as part of the Client’s address. The client warrants his or her authority to contract with (beyondoffice®) a Colorado Corporation.
Fees and Billing will be billed monthly or as time and expenses accrue unless other arrangements are made with (beyondoffice® Holdings LLC).
Payment is due from the Client within 30 days of the invoice unless other arrangements are made with (beyondoffice®). (beyondoffice®) reserves the right to charge a late fee of 10% per month on all invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date. The client agrees to pay all collection costs, including any legal fees incurred in connection with the collection of a past due account.
In the event that any portion of an account remains unpaid 30 days after billing, (beyondoffice® Inc.) may, without waiving any claim or right against the Clients or Vendors, and without liability what so ever to the clients or Vendors, suspend or terminate the performance of all services in accordance with the applicable laws of Colorado. Clients or Vendors agree not to litigate – action of filing a lawsuit before a court of law.
Unless expressly agreed by (beyondoffice® Inc.) in writing, any cost estimates for services stated are for the Client’s budgeting purposes only and are not quote binding on (beyondoffice® Inc.).

11. In an effort to resolve any conflicts that arise related to the services provided by (beyondoffice® Inc.), client and (beyondoffice® Inc.) agree that all disputes between them arising out of or relating to the services provided by (beyondoffice® Inc.) shall be submitted to
nonbinding mediation or litigation unless the parties mutually agree otherwise. Nonbinding mediation shall be completed within 90 days from the date the dispute arises.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, and notwithstanding any other provision of this agreed to, the total liability, in the aggregate, of (beyondoffice® LLC.), its officers, directors, partners, employees and sub-consultants, and any of them, to the Client, for any claims, losses, costs or damages, including attorney’s fees costs expert-witness fees and costs of any nature whatsoever or claims expenses resulting from or in any way related to the Project or Agreement from any cause or causes. It is intended that this and all liability or cause of action however alleged or arising unless otherwise prohibited by law.
Rates and fees are subject to change on a calendar year basis without other notice.
In no event shall (beyondoffice® LLC.) or its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents, employees, or licensors be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary or general damages, damages for loss of profit or data, or due to business interruption) howsoever caused, including those arising from negligence, or arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the materials. (beyondoffice® Inc), or a (beyondoffice® LLC.) authorized the representative, has been notified orally, or in writing, of the possibility of such damage. Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of liability, for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not apply to you.

We require a 50% Deposit on all orders over $10,000.00 and full payment on orders under $10,000.00-Some Project Full Payment will be Required. Once the project has been accepted FULL PAYMENT will be required at the completion of the project. Any products or services in addition to this total will be added if necessary. All NEW Products, Case goods, Workstations and some Seating LEAD time 3 to 5 Weeks.
Return Policy: All products ordered through (beyondoffice®) must have an invoice number and have a P.O. number. Products only can be returned if damaged or if the product has been determined that it is the wrong product or products.

17.Designs, Drawings: TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.) Design, drawing, and scale models will remain the property of beyondoffice® Inc. unless a written agreement has been issued to the client.2.) Periodic inspections and observations of work on a project will be made, as we consider appropriate. We do not have responsibility for the failure of contractors to comply with drawing or specifications prepared by beyondoffice®, nor for latent defects in there work.3.) If, after a definite scheme has been approved, the client makes a decision which, for its proper execution, involves extra services or expenses for changes in or additions to the drawings, specifications, etc., the client will pay beyondoffice® for such extra services on a design-time fee basis of $150.00 per hour. 4.) All projects are required to have space planning from beyondoffice® before processing orders. All Right Reserved © 2019 beyondoffice® LLC.

18. Contractor to perform all work in a good and workmanlike manner, at all times maintain proper workman’s compensation insurance, and comply with Colorado Contractor License regulations. Contractors will complete said job without undue delay, provided, however, the contractor shall be excused for delays resulting from circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, shortages of materials, acts of God and delays caused by orders of governmental offices or agencies. In the event of default in the payment of any of the said installments when due, or any note, or if the sale of the said land or building, the contractor or its assignee may declare the whole of the said sum, or so much thereof as then remains unpaid, immediately due and payable and, at the contractor’s option, discontinue work on said job. Balance due upon demand. Balances unpaid after 30 days from the date of invoice are subject to a late payment charge of 1.5 percent per month, or maximum allowed by law, if different, together with expenses incidental to the collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees. It is understood and agreed that all payments hereunder shall be made at the office of the contractor or of the contractor’s assignee. In the event contractor deems it necessary to file a mechanic’s lien to secure payment of any money due under this contract, or in the event, contractor deems it necessary to employ an attorney or to file suit to collect any money due under this contract, or for the breach thereof, owner, in either event, agrees to pay, in addition to any and all other sums, a reasonable sum as and for attorney’s fees and any and all costs and expenses incurred and/or paid by the contractor.

19. The undersigned owner/agent acknowledges receipt of a true copy of this contract, acknowledges that he/she has read the contract, knows the contents thereof, and understands that no other agreement, verbal or otherwise, is binding upon the parties hereto and that this instrument contains the entire contract between the parties. The words used in the singular to designate the parties herein shall be construed to mean and include any person, persons, firm, partnership, or corporation named as a party hereto. Applicable Law this contract shall be governed by the laws of the County of Denver in the State of Colorado and any applicable Federal law.

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Beyondoffice is your complete source for your full Facilities Services.

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management division was created to best utilize Residential and Commercial space, develop the property management services offered, modernize and improve the Residential and commercial facilities. An excellent customer experience for everyone using our Property Management Division, Office- Business & Building Integration to ensure a smooth transition into your new Residential and Commercial properties and Commercial office space.

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management oversees the redevelopment and operation of all commercial properties and commercial spaces.


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It was a pleasure to work with Tracy. He is a rare gem in the business world, i.e. a nice and honest guy who will go the extra measure for his clients. So glad I found him!

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