BeyondOffice® is your complete source for quality office furniture and design services.

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Beyondoffice is your complete source for your full Facilities Services.

We at BeyondOffice™ believe in coming up with constructive and innovative Office Interior solutions for our customers. BeyondOffice™ is a leading provider of Office Furniture, Workstations, Interior Design, Office Space Management, and Delivery And Installation, tools that enable organizations to achieve total Office Space Management. Whether your organization is looking to reduce or enlarge workspace, BeyondOffice™ can keep your project cost from soaring. Please call BeyondOffice™ for your next Project. BeyondOffice™ can help.

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Recognizing that people are happier and more productive in luminous environments, we are a pioneer in the science of “visual ergonomics”. Our products are designed to minimize many of the challenges presented by traditional workspace lighting such as harsh shadows, glare and visual discomfort. The result is visually healthy, productive work environments.


Reflecting Ledalite’s commitment to the environment, we continuously strive to create products and technologies that conserve energy and reduce energy costs.

Architectural Cad Services

Architectural CAD Services For Competitive Advantage

Beyondoffice™ architectural CAD services allows you to focus on core business. Its true! By using beyondoffice™ architectural CAD service takes care of the details and other time consuming work. You can allocate valuable time to business development, satisfying clients and other higher priorities.


Property Management Services Denver

Beyondoffice is your complete source for your full Facilities Services.

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management division was created to best utilize Residential and Commercial space, develop the property management services offered, modernize and improve the Residential and commercial facilities. An excellent customer experience for everyone using our Property Management Division, Office- Business & Building Integration to ensure a smooth transition into your new Residential and Commercial properties and Commercial office space.

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management oversees the redevelopment and operation of all commercial properties and commercial spaces.


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It was a pleasure to work with Tracy. He is a rare gem in the business world, i.e. a nice and honest guy who will go the extra measure for his clients. So glad I found him!

Monica G.

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