Beyond Office Property Management

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management Division was created to best utilize commercial space, develop the property management services offered, modernize and improve the commercial facilities. An excellent customer experience for everyone using our Property Management Division, Office- Business & Building Integration to insure a smooth transition in to your new office space.

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management is a newly established division that oversees the redevelopment and operation of all commercial properties and commercial spaces.

Products and Services

BeyondOffice® Holdings LLC Property Management is responsible for leasing out and/or commissioning facilities at the different properties. The range of properties offered extends from offices, warehousing units, and land plots for development, and commercial space. Available facilities are widely spread across various locations.

Companies and brands interested in leasing out offices, warehouses etc. also enjoy a wide array of services that accompany their leased facility depending on its type and location. These include 24/7 facility management, IT connections tailored to your company's needs, around-the-clock Operations Department support, and even a bouquet of Free Zone services in a "One-Stop-Shop" environment.

Property Management:
• Tenant Relations & Retention
• Financial Reporting
• Building Systems Analysis
• Contracting of Services
• Capital Budgeting
• Energy Audits
• Tax & Insurance Review
• CAD System
• Preventative Maintenance
• Public & Life Safety Review
• Emergency Services (24hrs)
• Maintenance Services